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How Scrive power their client’s digital journeys with BankID


Scrive is a Nordic e-sign leader powering their customer’s digital operations.
With a customer centric approach to everything they do, Scrive has an intimate understanding of the impact an integrated and nationally recognised eID like BankID can have on customer onboarding, experience and ease-of-use.

– At banking and finance events we often talk about the “Nordic Model” for customer onboarding, says Viktor Wrede, CEO of Scrive. He continues; To illustrate this, we compare customer onboarding within UK banking to the Nordics. While the UK chart shows a spectrum from 2 to 36 working days for a customer to have an active account, the average onboarding time for Swedish citizens is 3-7 minutes!

Viktor Wrede, CEO för Scrive

BankID – a great enabler

With BankID being connected to many aspects of Swedish society, it has changed the way Swedes go about their lives. In the age group 18-65 no less than 99,2 percent of registered citizens have, and use, BankID. Non-Swedes often assume that BankID is primarily used for public services and government functions, but in reality, 92 percent of the usage is for private services.

– Every month, transactions with BankID in Scrive eSign and eID Hub vastly exceeds those of any other eID we offer, Viktor explains. The ease-of-use and consistent uptime in combination with the seamless integration into our product suite, has made BankID a factor both we and our customers rely heavily on.

BankID is an essential component of Scrive’s offering, allowing their customers to offer seamless onboarding, safe logins and robust identity verification. Further, Scrive have simplified their own development process by offering BankID as an integrated part of Scrive eSign and eID Hub.

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A role model for the future

– With the EU Wallet project on the horizon, promising interoperability across borders in the entire European Union, ushering in a new age of digitalisation for both public and private services, immigration and travelling, BankID serves as a beacon of how change can be achieved, Viktor concludes.

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