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Consider security

BankID is a personal e-ID comparable to, for example, your passport. Therefore, you must always treat your BankID in a secure manner.

Follow our tips below for a safe way to use BankID.


BankID is a document of value

It is important that you never give any other person access to your BankID.

Never use your BankID at the request of someone else. The authorities, banks, police or companies that offer BankID never contact you by phone, e-mail, or any other way, encouraging you to log in to or download a new BankID.

If you are a victim of fraud

  • Block your BankID.

  • Contact your bank.

  • File a police report.

Protect your BankID

How to protect your BankID so that you can feel safe using it with businesses and authorities.

Tips for safe use

  1. Always read the text that appears in the BankID app and check where you identify yourself and what you are signing. If you are unsure, select cancel.

  2. Never give the codes for your BankID to anyone else.

  3. Never use your BankID at the request of someone else.

Tip! Allow notifications from BankID to check if a BankID is activated for your Swedish Personal Identity Number. You do this under Settings in your phone.

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