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BankID in phone calls

Let your customers use BankID for identification and signature in phone calls. This provides safety for your business as well as for your customers.


Identify your customers in a fast and secure way in phone calls. It's also possible to use BankID for digital signatures in phone calls.

To protect both your company and your customers, reliable identification is essential, regardless of the channel. BankID for phone calls is available for Mobile BankID as well as for BankID on card and file.

Icon and security check

When an identification or signature is requested in a phone call, an icon with a phone is shown. The customer also needs to answer a question as an extra security check.

By answering the question, the customer confirms if they received the call or initiated it themselves. Below you can see examples of how it looks in Mobile BankID.

Tips for increased safety

It can be a good idea to use descriptive text to increase clarity for the customer. You can, for example, enter the name and title of the employee handling the call. If the company initiates the call, information about which number the call is coming from can contribute to meking the customer feel safer.


My intent: Identify myself in a call with "Company" .

Employee: "Name", "Title"

Calling number: "Number".

Read more about descriptive texts


BankID agreements are signed via one of the banks that sell BankID or via an integrator. This means that the pricing may vary. Talk to your contracting party to find out what applies to your company.

How to get started

If you already have an agreement about BankID you can start use it in phone calls too. Start by talking to the party you have your agreement with to understand how it will affect your costs.

You use specific technical calls for the phone functionality, se instructions in our technical guide:

Identification in phone calls

Siganture in phone calls

Does your company not have BankID yet?

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