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BankID in telephone calls

Telephone fraud can occur, and telephone calls with companies can make the customer feel exposed. With our function for identification or signing during telephone calls, you can increase security, make your customers feel safer, and provide them with clearer information.


Clear and safe

When an identification or signature is requested during a telephone call we make it more clear by displaying a phone icon and presenting the customer with a security check.

The security check informs the customer that the matter relates to a telephone call and specifies the service in question. In the example below you see what it looks like in Mobile BankID when the customer is calling the service. A different security check is shown when the service is calling the customer.

The funcionality is available for both Mobile BankID and BankID on card and file in the latest versionen of our RP-API.

A requirement in the lastest version of our RP-API

Companies using BankID during telephone calls today need to implement our new phone function when they start to use Version 6 of our RP-API. The current solution will not work since secure start is required following the API upgrade.

The function is available for everyone who has an agreement with BankID. It works much like the previous process but requires the latest version of our API and a request for telephone identification or signature.

For technical instructions, please see our guide.

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