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Location services and BankID

We recommend that you share your location with the BankID app. It increases your security and serves to counter fraud.


Use location services for higher security

You don’t need to have location services turned on when you use BankID, but it does provide you with better protection against i.e. phone fraud. The location data is only shared when the BankID app is used. You can choose to stop sharing your location with the BankID app at any time.

If you have a protected identity or are worried about sharing your address, you can carry out your errand somewhere other than in your home.

Location services are needed when you get a new or transfer your BankID

Location services is only mandatory when you get a new BankID or transfer your BankID from one device to another through your bank's app. Then we need to ensure that your old and your new device are at the same location. This is an additional security measure to protect you from remote fraud. When you are done it's up to you to keep location services on or turn it off.

BankID is continuously improved

Our top priority is to keep BankID secure and accessible around the clock, every day of the year. BankID is continually being updated and improved in order to counter fraud and deal with new security threats.

Processing of personal data

Read about how your personal data is processed in our Privacy policy.