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Digital identification

With fast and secure digital identification, your company can digitalise processes, streamline work and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition, you get 20 years of experience, the result of our solid security work and the high level of trust we have with the Swedish people.


Safe for both companies and individuals

  • A service your customers know and trust.

  • Uptime: 99.99%

  • Same validity as a physical identification.

  • Real-time control and a 'proof of identification' for each completed identification.

Know who you are talking to

With BankID, your can identify your customers in your various channels and flows so that you always know that you are in contact with the right person. Every time a customer uses BankID, several checks are made in real time to ensure that everything is correct. When an identification is completed, you will receive a 'proof of identification' from our service.

BankID in different channels

Identification with BankID can be used in your company's digital channels and flows, or as a digital solution in physical environments. The person who identifies themselves doesn't have to be a customer of yours – it's enough that they hold a BankID.

Maybe you need to identify people to give access to a premises, or people who want to become new customers online? The possibilities are many. Some common examples of where BankID is used are websites, apps, telephony, chat, premises and stores.

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Honestbox enables stores to stay open 24/7

By using BankID to identify customers when entering unmanned shops and when doing a purshase, shops can stay open even after the staff have gone home.


Well known with high trust

Digitalisation offers many good opportunities and brings the different parts of our society closer together. At the same time, digital customer relationships require a very high level of security, both to protect the company and the customer. BankID is a service that your customers know well. The vast majority of adult Swedes use BankID and we have a high level of trust. A trust we are proud and grateful for. And careful to manage.

Security for your business

Our most important mission is to keep BankID secure and reliable, for both companies and individuals. We work proactively with security through effective procedures, independent reviews and continuous improvements. You can feel safe with BankID in your company's services.

Through our high level of security, you don't only protect your customers but also your company's reputation and capital of trust. At the same time, you reduce the risk of high fraud-related costs for handling, compensation, lost customers and more.

BankID is continuously updated. Make sure to always use the latest version of BankID to access new protection and features.

Add-ons for inreased security

This is BankID

BankID is a service with many possibilities that your company can use in various services and channels. Your company can use identification and signature as well as our digital ID card and several other functions. Which parts your business uses is up to you, and you can change your mind along the way.

You sign an agreement for BankID with a bank or a integrator. Both prices and content of the agreements may vary.

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