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Digital ID card

You can now have your ID card digitally in your BankID app! Your digital ID card is based on the same stable foundation as BankID identifications and signatures.


Digital ID card in your BankID app

With your digital ID card tucked away into your BankID app, you will soon be able to leave your physical ID at home. The digital ID card is just as safe and secure as your Mobile BankID. Your BankID will remain the same and work the same way as before.

Passport and driving license
Your digital ID card isn't valid as a travel document and cannot be used as a passport when you go abroad. Read more about travel documents from the Swedish police

A driving license is a document that proves that you are eligible to drive certain types of motorized vehicles. When driving a car, you must be able to present your license or another valid ID document to confirm your identity. Digital ID card from BankID should meet these requirements in a police control, but we are awaiting a decision from the police about how the driving license law will be applied.

Using your digital ID card

Your digital ID card is protected by your BankID. You always start off by identifying yourself with your security code, fingerprint or FaceID when you want to show your digital ID card.

How it works:

  1. Open the BankID app and press the ID card icon at the bottom.

  2. Verify your identity with BankID to display your ID card.

  3. Show the person verifying your identity the ID card.

The person checking your ID can scan the variable QR code with a scanner or their BankID app.

In most cases, it is enough for the person to compare the information and image on your digital ID card with you. The person may need to press the screen on your phone to ensure that the digital ID card is real. The validation can also be done by scanning the aniamted QR code on your digital ID card with another BankID app.

Activate a digital ID card

How to activate your digital ID card.

Activate with passport or national ID card

You decide whether you activate a digital ID card or not, and you can also delete it at any time.

To activate a digital ID card, you need to have a valid Swedish passport or national ID card, a mobile phone with Mobile BankID installed, and an NFC reader.

You activate the digital ID card by allowing your phone’s NFC reader to read the chip embedded in your physical ID document. Your digital ID card will have the same picture and term of validity as the ID card you are using to activate it, unless your Mobile BankID expires earlier in which case you need to active your digital ID card again.

How to activate:

  1. Press the “ID card” icon in the app.

  2. Have your Swedish passport or national ID card at hand.

  3. Follow the instructions in the app.