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20 years experience of digital identification

BankID doesn't only give you fast and secure digital identification and signing, but also our 20 years of experience in the field. Not to mention the high trust your customers place in us.


A safe and steady revolutionary

For almost 20 years, we have revolutionised everyday life in Swedish society.

With digital identification, society has become both smaller and larger all at once. Authorities and companies have become closer to the people and become more accessible. Individuals have access to more services and companies wherever and whenever they want.

Meet our 8,5 million users
Today, almost all Swedes use BankID and feel confident about it. And thousands of companies have integrated BankID into their services. Why not do it too?

With BankID in your services, you will receive secure, fast and highly appreciated identification used by over 8,5 million Swedes. Plus, you also have the option to protect sensitive transactions using signatures.

Client case: Scrive

"The ease-of-use and consistent uptime in combination with the seamless integration into our product suite, has made BankID a factor both we and our customers rely heavily on."


Secures identity and privacy

Fast and secure digital identification lays the foundation for a modern and accessible society.

We are proud of the trust we have gained and cherish it. Secure identity and privacy are close to our hearts. We put security first in everything we do never share any data about those who use BankID.

View and try our user flows

In our demo you can view the different user flows, try them yourself and see how it would look with your own descriptive texts.

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More than 8,5 million users

Almost all grown up Swedes have a BankID. And they use it frequently for identification and signing online.

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