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Secure and smart business

Identify customers in your digital channels, stores or other premises. Get digital signatures as valid as physical ones.

  • Reduce risks

  • Streamline processes

  • Increase customer satisfaction


One service – Many possibilities

BankID is a service with many built-in possibilities. What part you use, and in which channels is up to you. And you can change your mind along the way. Meanwhile, we make improvements and add new funtionality to meet coming needs and future threats. Your company can reap the benefits of our 20 years of experience, extensive security work and high trust with the Swedish people.

Streamline your business

Sweden has high digital maturity and the business opportunities this entails are many. With digital processes, companies can increase both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Digital identification and signature create the opportunity for secure business with fast, efficient processes and closings.

BankID in different channels

You can use BankID in most places; on the web, in the company's app, in your chat, on the phone and even in physical premises. Fast, efficient, flexible and also safe for both the company and your customers.

Expanded online sales and increased satisfaction for Cervera

In just 18 months, Cervera's online sales increased significantly, from 92 million to 500 million. The reasons behind this are the improved customer experience and increased customer awareness.


About the service

Add-ons for increased security

HonestBox har butiker öppna dygnet runt

Sedan 2015 har HonestBox hjälpt butikskedjor att starta upp obemannade butiker, hybridbutiker och varuautomater. Med deras lösning kan fysiska butiker konkurrera med e-handeln genom att kunderna kan handla även när personalen har gått hem.


How it works

To start using BankID in your company, you need to sign an agreement with one of the connected banks. The bank will then give you the technical certificate you need for BankID to work in your e-services. Once the agreement and certificate are in place, you do a technical implementation, either with your own staff or with the help of an integrator. If you will use an integrator, you may be able to sign the agreement through them.

What does it cost?

Pricing is up to the bank or integrator you have an agreement with. Therefore, both prices and what is included in the agreement may vary. You decide which parts of our platform you want to use. You can change your mind along the way and add or remove. Always check with your contract partner before starting to use a new feature, so you know how it affects your costs.

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