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About BankID

You can use BankID for identification or digital signatures with thousands of companies and authorities. You can also activate a digital ID card in your BankID app.


How BankID works

BankID is a common way to identify yourself in digital environments. You do not have to create accounts with passwords with different actors, and can instead use the same secure solution for everyone. Like showing your ID, but digitally.

Mobile BankID most popular

The vast majority choose Mobile BankID. This is handy because many people often have their mobile phone with them. A mobile BankID also works well on tablet.

You will then use our BankID app to identify yourself. Either with a security code, or with facial recognition or fingerprints, depending on what your mobile phone supports and your own preferences.

Get BankID

Why not get Sweden's most common e-ID. You get a convenient solution that can be used by thousands of companies and authorities. You can also feel confident that your identity is in safe hands and that we always care about your privacy.


We secure your identity

Your BankID can be equated with a passport or other ID, and you can both identify yourself and sign a contract with it.

Therefore, it is also important that BankID is extremely safe, so that no one else can steal your identity and, for example, sign contracts or take out a loan in your name. To secure your identity, an original identification is needed when you first get a BankID. This step is done in your bank branch, often when you become a customer. Thanks to this, we can secure your identity in the future.

How the QR code in BankID works

The QR code makes BankID more secure. In this video you see how it works.