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BankID and Bluetooth®

To better protect yourself when getting a new BankID or moving yours to a different phone, you need to have Bluetooth® activated on both the old and the new phone.


When getting a new or moving your BankID

If you already have Mobile BankID you can get a new one for another phone through your bank's app. To do that, you need to use Bluetooth®. You can also move your BankID from one phone to another through your bank's app, and for that you also need to use Bluetooth®. The function is turned on under Settings in your phone, and it must be activated on both phones. On Android phones, you need to allow the function “Devices nearby” under Bluetooth® in Settings.

Protection from remote fraud

Bluetooth® is used to ensure that your old and new device are at the same location. It is a security measure to protect you from remote fraud. The link between the phones is only used when you get a new BankID or move yours to another phone. Once this is done you can turn off the function if you want to.

Our highest priority is to keep BankID secure, and we continuously update and improve the service to prevent fraud and handle new security threats.

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