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Digital signature

With secure and reliable digital signatures, your customers can sign payments, applications, agreements, contracts and more online.

This gives shorter processing times, lower thresholds and increased customer satisfaction.


BankID for your business

  • A service your customers know and trust.

  • High security, 99.99% uptime.

  • Same validity as a physical signature.

  • Real-time control and a 'proof of signature' for each completed signature.

Trusted digital signatures

With BankID, your customers can sign in your digital channels and flows. Signatures are used, for example, for payments, contracts and various types of agreements such as loan documents, product agreements, user agreements and more. Every time a customer uses their BankID in your services, several checks are made in real time to ensure that everything is correct. For each signature that is completed, you will receive a 'proof of signature' from our service.

Close deals directly with your customers

Customer dialogues take place in many channels today and agreements no longer require physical meetings. A digital signature takes the dialogue all the way to the end. Digital signature with BankID can be used where your company has digital contact surfaces. Common examples are web, app, chat, phone.

Scrive improves customer experiences

Scrive is a Nordic e-sign leader powering their customer’s digital operations. Scrive has an intimate understanding of the impact an integrated and nationally recognised eID like BankID can have on customer onboarding, experience and ease-of-use.


Security is always our top priority

Our most important mission is to keep BankID safe and reliable, for both companies and individuals. We work proactively with security through effective procedures, independent reviews and continuous improvements. You can be safe with BankID in your company.

Add-ons for increased security

How it works

BankID is a service with many possibilities that your company can use in various services and channels. Your company can use identification and signature as well as our digital ID card and several other functions. Which parts your business uses is up to you, and you can change your mind along the way.

You sign an agreement for BankID with a bank or a integrator. Both prices and content of the agreements may vary.

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