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Through fast and secure digital identification, we enable a modern and accessible society.

With over 8,5 million users and 7100 connected business comes a great responsibility. That makes us both proud and humble.


Current vacancies

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Support case administrator (in Swedish)

Enterprise architect (in Swedish)

Family feel and a big mission

With over 8,5 million private users and 7100 businesses using BankID in their services, we shoulder a huge responsibility. We manage this by working closely together as one team and one family.

With us you will be able to develop your full potential in a friendly environment. We are constantly striving to be better together. We are motivated by a desire to help build community-critical infrastructure that is of great benefit to many people.

"It feels great to manage and develop an important community function that is so important to our society. I am constantly impressed by the innovative areas of application that BankID creates."

Product Owner, Onboarding


"A great place to work"

Our fantastic colleagues have a commitment and pride in their work that goes above and beyond the ordinary.

We are a "Great Place to Work" certified company. This means that our employees think we are an excellent workplace and take pride in what they do, get on with their colleagues and have faith in the company.

Each year A Great Place to Work conducts employee surveys of 19.8 million employees from over 10,000 organisations in 106 countries. The results are used to achieve better business results and create a workplace culture where every employee has confidence and commitment.

Our values lead the way

In everything we do, we have our core values with us. Whether we are talking about technical functionality, our communication, or the user experience, we always strive to be:

  • Proactive

  • Accessible

  • Safe

”Because we are always striving to be at the forefront, I get to work with the latest technology and security. It makes my job exciting, progressive and instructive.”

Technical Product Owner


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