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BankID is unique

Our perspective ranges from nationwide authorities and large companies, to small traders and individuals. We have revolutionised everyday life throughout Swedish society - without compromising security.

Through fast and secure digital identification, we enable a modern and accessible society.


Secures your identity and privacy

With us, safety and security always come first. We do not share any data with anyone else. Our top priority is to keep BankID as safe and reliable as it has always been.

If you use BankID, you can feel confident with our handling of your identity. And companies, authorities and organisations can calmly develop their services knowing that they have chosen a safe and proactive provider for identifications and signatures.

Our values lead the way

In everything we do, we have our core values with us. Whether we are talking about technical functionality, our communication, or the user experience, we always strive to be:

  • Safe

  • Proactive

  • Accessible