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Update to secure start

To continue using BankID in your company, you need to have the latest version of the service. That also gives you new and upcoming functions as well as our continuous security improvements.


We secure your identity

On average, 18 million identifications and signatures are done with BankID every day. That makes BankID an important part of the Swedish digital ecosystem. Our mission is to keep BankID secure and available 24/7, all year around. BankID is continuously updated with new security layers to protect you and lessen fraud. Always remember that BankID is your personal eID and that you should never use it at the request of someone else.

Fast and secure digital identification enables our society to keep evolving without unnecessary risks for companies or individuals. We secure your identity and privacy.

Confirm with passport or national ID card

In some situations, your bank may ask you to confirm your identity in an extra step. This could be when you get a new BankID digitally or do something that requires higher security, such as a large payment. It is always your bank that decides if an extra confirmation is needed.

You confirm your identity by scanning and tapping your Swedish passport or national ID card with your phone. If you don’t have a passport or national ID card issued by the Swedish police, contact your bank.

In this film you see what you need and how it works.

Verifying ID document

How to verify an ID document.

Honestbox enables stores to stay open 24/7 – by using BankID

By using BankID to identify customers when entering unmanned shops and when doing a purshase, shops can stay open even after the staff have gone home.