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Security in focus

BankID is used for identification and signatures at Sweden's largest banks, companies and authorities. Our customers have high demands on security and so do we. Our top priority is to keep BankID as safe and reliable as it has always been. So that both companies and individuals can be confident about using BankID.

Tips from our security expert

  • Use a strong coupling between your service and BankID.

  • Write clear signature texts and use the formatting.

  • Security check your implementation.

  • Follow our guides for a safe and user-friendly experience.

Follow our guides

Security tests

All our services are thoroughly tested by both our own and independent testers to ensure quality and security. Independent code review, security analyses and penetration tests are used both continuously and with each major change.

Certification and management systems
The technical infrastructure and its operation and maintenance are certified according to ISO27001:2013. We work with a risk-based management system according to ISO 27001:2013,COBIT and other standards/best practices for electronic identification, such as EIDAS and SEL.

Review and reporting
We regularly conduct independent review of our regulations to ensure good compliance and risk mitigation. Independent security researchers, services that use BankID, and users can report security flaws.

Increase security with a strong connection

Did you know that you can add extra security for your customers by using a strong connection between your service and BankID?

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