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Descriptive texts increase security

Add your own texts to the BankID flow and increase clarity for your customers. It becomes easier for the customer to understand why they identify themselves or what they sign, and easier to discover if something isn't right.


Clear text protects the customer

You decide if and when you want to add texts into the flow, and you write the text yourself. Clear texts give the customer a good understanding of what is happening, and a better chance to see if something isn't right, so that they can avoid fraud attempts.

  • Make it clearer for customers

  • Take an active role in increasing security

  • Make it easier to detect fraud attempts

Tips for good texts

  1. Use this space only to inform about the purpose of the identification or what the customer is signing. Other information fits better in other places and in other contexts.

  2. If you use different texts for different situations, please have a structure that the customer recognises. That makes it easier to understand, and easier to see if something isn't right.

  3. Write concise and clear texts. Consider that the text will be shown in a flow that most people go through quickly.

  4. For identification, you need to write the text so that it fits after the fixed heading "My intention:".


The texts should increase clarity and make it safer for customers. The surface may not be used for marketing, sales or other information, except for security-related information linked to the identification or signature.

Get started

If you aldready have an agreement for BankID you can start using descriptive texts immediately. Ask your technicians or your integrator to help you get the texts in place in the flows where you want them.

Technical instructions are found in our technical guide.


BankID agreements are signed via one of the banks that sell BankID or via an integrator. This means that the pricing may vary. Talk to your contracting party to find out what applies to your company.

Connect your business

Does your company not have BankID yet? Connect your company and get secure digital identification and signature in all your channels.

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BankID provides many possibilities

Did you know that BankID can be used in many different ways in your company, from web and app to chat, telephone and even in physical premises?

In addition, BankID is continuously updated with new functions and protection. Always update to the latest version to get the best protection and the ability to use new features.

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