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Honestbox enables stores to stay open 24/7 - by using BankID

By using BankID to identify customers when entering unmanned shops and when doing a purshase, shops can stay open even after the staff have gone home.


Since 2015, HonestBox has helped retail chains start up unmanned stores, hybrid stores and vending machines. The HonestBox solution allows physical stores to compete with e-commerce by staying open to customers even after the staff has gone home.

- E-commerce has a strong grip on the retail trade today since online service is available 24/7. We want to help businesses, no matter size, to be able to offer the same type of availability in their stores, says Magnus Berglund, CEO of HonestBox.

See who is shopping

A key component in HonestBox’s solution is the ability to identify who is visiting and shopping in the stores. Retailers need to know who is entering and leaving their stores even when the staff is not there, both because of the risk of theft and for customer safety. Therefore, HonestBox uses BankID both for identification when entering and leaving the store as well as at self-checkout to link the customer to a purchase.

- In order to keep stores open after the staff has gone home, we must be able to easily and securely identify those who enter the store. Therefore BankID is the natural choice for us. BankID is well-known, convenient for the user and their experience and part easy to implement in our technical solution, says Magnus.


Increased sales opportunities

One major challenge for stores has been availability versus profitability. Many stores would like to be able to offer longer opening hours, but the cost of staff has been too high in relation to the number of visits during these hours.

- Today there is a higher demand for longer opening hours at stores, but so far it has rarely been profitable, partly because staffing costs would be too high, says Magnus.

But with Honestbox and BankID, companies no longer need to choose and can offer more generous opening hours.

"The HonestBox solution has increased sales up to 30% in our stores and created a better future for the stores”

- Christoffer Granberg, Head of Sales Menigo

Easy to get started – for both stores and users

Instead of creating its own log-in method, HonestBox has opted to use BankID as its identification service, which benefits both stores and customers.

- Because the majority of the people living in Sweden have BankID, it has been easy for both users and store owners to start using the service. This is very beneficial for us as well as our customer when we introduce the service on the market, says Magnus.

Accessible outside of Sweden as well

HonestBox has stores solutions also outside of Sweden. Its solution is currently available in seven countries and more to come. Because HonestBox uses BankID as an identification solution, swedes can shop at unmanned stores in other countries as well. All they need to do to enter the store is identify themselves with BankID, just like they would at home.

About Honestbox

HonestBox is Europe’s leading supplier of software and hardware for unmanned stores, hybrid stores and vending machines. HonestBox’s solution is currently found in more than 650 stores in seven countries.

Read more on their website.

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