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Now easier to verify the digital ID card


Scan the digital ID card with a BankID-app without an activated BankID.


More and more companies are choosing to accept the digital ID card, and now it's even eaiser if you want to scan the digital ID card when doing a validation. Now it's possible to scan an ID card with a BankID app that does not have an activated BankID.

Several employees can share a phone

Scanning an ID card with a BankID app was already an available feature, but a BankID needed to be activated in the app. This was challenging for some companies because the phone was tied to a specific person. Being able to use a BankID app without an activated BankID allows several employees to use the same phone when doing a validation.

Choose the way that suits your business

There are several ways to verify the digital ID card: visual verification, scanning with another BankID app, or scanning via our interface. The method that suits you best will depend on the needs of your business.

In most cases its enough to do a visual validation, which is comparable to doing a visual validation of a physical ID document. Visual validation does not require any technical implementation, which means that your company can start accepting the digital ID card today.

Education is important

Regardless of the type of validation you choose, it is important that you educate yourself and your staff on how to do a correct validation. For example, when doing a visual validation there are several security details such as sound, motion and colour that help you ensure that the ID card is active. You can find more educational information on our webpage about the digital ID card.

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