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Easier access to the digital ID-card


With our new widget it’s easier access to the digital ID-card.


Over 1 million swedes have activated their digital ID card and in the latest update of the BankID app it will be possible to add a widget that enables you to open your ID card directly from your locked screen on your iPhone. A function that has been requested by many and makes it easier to access the digital ID card.

- We constantly improve our services and now we are adding a widget for BankID making it possible to open the digital ID card via your locked screen on iPhone. We are also increasing the volume of the sound to make it better for those who validates the ID card. The sound is one of many security features built in to the digital ID card, says Petter Dahl, e-id expert at BankID.

BankID continues to simplify everyday life for millions of users and that figures are increasing by 1000s every day. More and more swedes want to leave their wallet at home and as of November people are going to have to leave their bags at home at bigger events around Sweden. The users expect to use their digital ID card everywhere. The digital ID card is here to stay and the way forward is to continue educating merchants and others about how they validate the digital ID card in the right way.

BankID widget

A widget is a shortcut that you can add to your locked screen on your iPhone. The widget takes you directly to the page where you identify yourself to show your digital ID card. This makes it easier, smoother and faster to show your digital ID card.

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Increased sound volume for the digital ID card

Along the new version of our app follows another update. We have increased the sound when someone is validating the digital ID card.

- We got some feedback that it could be difficult to hear the sound in situations with much surrounding noise so we've increased the volume. It should be as easy as possible to do a secure validation of the identity, says Petter Dahl.


An additional change: Shortcuts from the BankID app
A number of shortcuts have also been added to the updated BankID app. You can see these by tapping and holding on the BankID app icon. Then you will see shortcuts to: scan QR code, show ID card and show my history. The shortcuts will initially only work on iPhone.

The new version of the BankID app is launched today, December 4th.

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