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Right now, there are fake text messages that appear to come from BankID. BankID never sends out text messages. Do not click on the link!

Safe, fast and smooth

With BankID, you get a stable and secure solution that the vast majority of your customers already use and trust. In addition, you will gain our knowledge from 20 years as leading experts in digital identification.

How to connect your business

We are inspected by several authorities

All approved e-ID in Sweden is inspected by the Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), according to the State’s assurance framework for Swedish e-ID. BankID is also under the supervision of the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation on trust services.

Part of our activities are subject to the Security Protection Act and the Stockholm County Administrative Board is our security support authority for that part and reports security incidents to the Swedish Security Service.

In addition to the requirements with which we must comply, we also apply voluntary reporting of incidents to the Riksbank as an adaptation to the draft of a new Riksbank Act (1/1/2023) in which BankID would fall under the Riksbank’s responsibility for planning and control in peacetime crises and situations involving heightened states of alert.

We create security in modern society

With BankID, the Swedes sign agreements, loan documents and their tax return. They identify themselves in order to be able to pay securely on the internet, log in with försäkringskassan or collect packages from the postal agent. With fast and secure identification, society can continue to develop without unnecessary risks to businesses or to people's privacy. We think that's safe.

Client case: Cervera

When Cervera connected BankID to their e-services, they increased both customer satisfaction and sales, whilst lowering pressure on customer service.

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