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In the test environment, you need to use a test BankID. You can get one by logging in with your real BankID at our Demo site , or with a personal code that you order at the Demo site

Good to know

Avoid using production data in your test systems, as a test BankID can be created for any social security number.

There are no test BankIDs in production. A real BankID can only be held by a real person with a Swedish personal number.

In the test environment you don't get your own "displayName", but an relying party certificate for test with displayName = BankID test.

When you create a test BankID, you choose a personal identity number and a name. Some numbers are used by many people, which can cause unexpected test results when several persons execute tests at the same time. We recommend you get personal identity numbers for testing from the Swedish Tax Agency.

Certificate for test

TLS certificate for test. (FPTestcert4_20220818.p12)


BankID for test

This is how to create and configure a BankID for test.


Get a BankID for test at our demo site.

Integration guide

Are you redo to integrate BankID? Follow this guide.

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