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Digital ID card in BankID

Our digital ID card is activated with a valid Swedish passport or national ID card. It is secure and smooth, and easy to validate in a safe way. Here you find more information about how it works.


Digital ID card increases security

The security is based on the same stable foundation as BankID identifications and signatures, with some additions for a physical environment. When an individual wish to present their digital ID card, they must first verify their identity in the BankID app. This process ensures that the person's identity is verified each time. It will not be possible to display an invalid digital ID card, which reduces the risk that companies and stores accidentally accept invalid ID documents.

How the digital ID card works

How the digital ID card works.

Validating a digital ID card

There are several ways to validate a digital ID card; visual validation or scanning a QR code with another BankID app or with our interface. All flows start the same way:

  1. The customer identifies themselves in the BankID app to open their digital ID card.

  2. The digital ID card is displayed in the app for two minutes. After that, the customer will need to verify their identity again. The digital ID card displays:

    • A facial image

    • Name, personal identity number and age

    • Security details

    • A mobile QR code for verifying the digital ID card

Read more about visual validation and scanning QR code below to see what suits your business.

Visual validation

Security details to use for visual validation

For most companies it is enough to validate the digital ID card in the same way as a physical one by comparing the information and the image with the person. To further enhance security there are security details in the form of visual and sound effects to use for visual validation. When you press on the screen, the picture will blur where pressed and a sound will be played. The sound will change depending on for how long you press the screen presses. With these effects, the validator can ensure that the digital ID card is active and not a fake still image. We encourage you to press in different places and for different lengths of time when you validate a digital ID card.

QR code for a stronger validation

It is possible to scan the animated QR code shown on the digital ID card with i.e. a scanner connected to the BankID interface, or simply with another BankID app.

Scanning the animated QR code gives a stronger control that fulfills the requirements of a so called proved and reliable identification. When you use our interface you also get a proof of identification. Validation by scanning the animated QR code mets the following reguidements:

• Trust level 3 according to the Swedish eID quality mark.
• Trust level Substantial in accordance with the eIDAS regulation.
• Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) according to PSD2.

The technical standard of the QR code is ISO/IEC18004:2015 model 2, version 4.

Activated with a Swedish passport or national ID card

To activate a digital ID card you need a valid Swedish passport or national ID card. A driver's licence will not work. The digital ID card will display the same image as the ID document it was derived from. It will also carry the same validity period, unless the customer's Mobile BankID expires earlier.

When the digital ID card is activated controls are carried out to verify that the physical ID document used is valid and real, resulting in high security. The image that is photographed at the police station in a controlled environment is fetched to the digital ID card and can't be replaced.

Getting started

  • For most companies, it is enough to perform a visual validation of the digital ID card, and for that no technical implementaion is needed. You simply validate it the same way you would a physical ID card.

  • To scan the animated QR code, all you need is a smartphone with an BankID app with an active BankID.

  • In order to get the proof of identification you need to validate with the BankID interface. If your company has an agreement for the BankID service, you can start accepting digital ID cards as soon as your system has been adapted to enable it to scan QR codes and retrieve the identification certificate.

If you don’t have an agreement yet, please contact your bank or read more about connecting your company to BankID.

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