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Change in launching from Native App


Changes to the content of the server certificate used to protect the BankID Service.

In the current version (3.2.2) of Relying Part Guidelines there is an instruction on how to launch the BankID app from a native Android app. In the current instruction it says that the package name should be “com.bankid.bus”.

However, now there is a special BankID app for Huawei devices using another package name. Therefore it is preferred not to specify the package name at all. Instead it is recommended that https links should be used for all devices except for Android 5. Relying parties supporting Android 5 devices should use the bankid scheme.

By deleting the code line “intent.setPackage("com.bankid.bus");” the same code can be used both for launching the BankID app on Huawei devices and other Android devices.

This change will be included in the coming version of RP Guidelines which will be published soon.

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