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My intent

Your company can enter text to explain the intention of the identifications your customers carry out using BankID. A corresponding option also exists for the digital signature function, which is used to sign agreements and loan documents, etc. The texts make it clearer and easier for customers to see what they are doing and to detect when something is not right.


Clear texts help your customers

If you use BankID in your services, you can choose whether you want to enter text and in what situations. You write the text yourself. Clear texts provide your customers with a better overview and the ability to see when something is not right and thus enable them to avoid attempted fraud.

Tips for a good text:

  • Provide information only about the intention of the identification. Other information is better suited to other places and other contexts.

  • Keep it brief and straight to the point. The text flows in such a way that many people get through it quickly.

  • For the intention of identification, write so the text fits the fixed heading “My intention".

Guidelines for My intent

The aim of the texts on the intention is to achieve greater clarity and thus enhance security for customers. The spaces may not be used for marketing or sales. Nor must the space be used for information other than the intention of the identification, except to provide security-related information relating to the identification.

Difference between signature and identification

There are two different services in BankID, signature and identification, and they are used at different times. With a signature, you enter into an agreement or make changes and it is equivalent to a signature on a piece of paper. An identification is like showing an ID document when you log in to an e-service or collect a package, for example.

Technical instructions

For technical instructions, our integration guide. The texts can also be formatted.