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Our first sustainability report


For 2021 we made our very first sustainability report. Now we start the long-term work to keep improving sustainability in our organization.

Our first sustainability report

The pace of digitalisation has increased over the last two years. BankID plays a key role in the digital infrastructure and the Swedish economy. In our report you can read about us and what we do from a sustainability point of view.

BankID has high security and 99.98 per cent uptime 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the report, you can find out how we are working to maintain this high level of security while constantly developing new secure and user-friendly features at the same time.

For the business community, BankID offers digital opportunities that provide better, more secure customer experiences and allow new business models to flourish. Find out more in our customer cases.

We have been revolutionising everyday life with fast, secure digital identification for almost 20 years now, laying the foundation for a modern and accessible society. Our promise to everyone who uses BankID is our top priority:

We secure your identity and privacy.

Read the sustainability report

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