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Same website, new look


Our website has a new look. Welcome!

Same website, new look is the same website as always, but it has got a brand new look. And some new content too. We have focused on high accessibility with good colour contrasts, easier navigation and more clear copy.

Check the address
If you feel any uncertainty at all, please check the address in your browser to ensure you have reached the right place.

The address should be:

Improved help for businesses and developers
Our content for developers has been improved with several guides containg explanations, images and example code. We have also added a "best practise" guide for a successful implementation for the most common user flows. With it comes protypes showing the flows on different types of devices.

By this, we hope to make it easier for businesses to get a secure and customer friendly intergration of BankID into their services.

English and Swedish content
The technical guides are currently only available in English, but will soon be translated into Swedish too.

We hope you like our new look!

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