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Coming soon: Risk indication for businesses


Soon, companies and authorities will be able to receive a risk indication from us.


To make it easier for companies and authorities to increase the security of their services, it will soon be possible to request a risk indication from us. The indication should be seen as a complement to internal security work and risk assessments. The possibility comes for situations where BankID is used on the same device as which the e-service is visited on.

The purpose is to protect individuals

The indication will be based on a number of security controls aimed at reducing the risk of fraud and protecting those who use their BankID with companies and authorities. We care about protecting user privacy and will only share a weighted value of the results from the checks with the e-service.

A complement to existing security work

Companies and authorities always have overall responsibility for the security of their services. The indication from us should be seen as a complement to the overall security work. How the company or authority should act on the value they get back depends on the combined result of the own risk analysis and the indication from us, as well as on the nature of the business.

Planned to be released shortly

We plan to launch the feature shortly. In connection with that, there will be more information here on our website and in our technical newsletter, as well as updated instructions in our technical guide.

Just as before, we encourage companies and authorities to use the existing possibilities to match observed information in their own service with that in the responses from our server. A common example of this is matching IP addresses when the e-service is visited on the same device that BankID is used on.

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