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October = Cybersecurity month


With the right knowledge, you can become a more secure internet user. October is the Cybersecurity month and we are delighted to participate.

In today's digital society, BankID plays an important part with 8 million personal users and over 5000 companies and authorities using our services. That is a humbling responsibilty that we are proud to take on.

To us, safety always comes first and we are excited to share what we know, so that more persons can take part in the digital development in a safe and secure way.

Sign up to an online event in Swedish

”Bli säker på nätet” translates to "Become a safe internet user" and is held online on October 15th. At the event, that is in Swedish, you will receive much useful information from highy skilled securty experts such as;

• Andreas Bergqvist, Head of Security at BankID
• Jan Olsson, Head of Prevention at the Swedish Police force
• Nina Jelver, Fraud Expert at the Swedish Trade Federation

The event is organized under Digitalidag. It is in Swedish, online and free of charge.

Read more and sign up here (in Swedish)

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