Service status:

Our NPS is 74

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and is a way of measuring how likely it is that consumers would recommend a company's products/services to others. In this way, it becomes a good measure of how appreciated a service is. NPS is used by many companies in various lines of business.


Important for both us and you

For us, a good NPS is an indicator that BankID keeps pace and is appreciated by users around the country. As we have over 8 million users and 6 billion transactions a year, it is a good indicator of how our service is perceived. And for you, our rating is one of many reasons to allow your customers to use BankID in your services.

Our NPS 2023



8 million+

Transactions 2022

6,7 billion

An NPS of 74 is a strong result

What a good NPS looks like is a little different between industries, but in general 30 is usually seen as good and over 50 is seen as very good. In other words, we are very pleased with our result of 74.

Safe and secure in your e-services

Integrate BankID into your services and you get a digital identification and signature solution that is used by many and that most people really like, feel safe with and have a high level of trust in. 96 percent of Swedes have high confidence in BankID and just over 9 out of 10 Swedes feel safe using the e-identification according to a recent Novus survey.