This information is intended for developers and owners of services using BankID. This message is a reminder of changes you have to make. To manage a generation shift of the root certificate protecting the service we have introduced a new end point. You have to make the changes before March 2019. Please disregard this e-mail if you have already implemented the changes below.

  • The new end point is
  • The new end point provides the same functionality as the old (
  • Old integrations must be changed to use the new end point and the new root CA must be in the trust store. The new root certificate is found in the guidelines at
  • The changes must be made before March 2019. The old root CA and the old end point will not work after 1 June 2019. Change as soon as possible to secure your future BankID usage.

Technical questions may be asked through For other questions, please contact the bank or vendor you have purchased the BankID service from.