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Accessibility in BankID

BankID should make everyday life easier, safer and safer for everyone, regardless of their functional capacity. We work actively to ensure that BankID can be used by as many as possible.


Inclusive design

We are convinced that a design that makes use easier for people who are unfamiliar with technology or who are disabled makes things easier and better for all.

BankID allows users to identify themselves with a security code, fingerprints, or facial recognition. This makes use easy, fast and smooth for everyone. It is particularly good for those who find typing their password difficult.

This is how we work with accessibility

Accessibility and inclusion involves continuous work. We constantly strive to improve, by, among other things:

  • Carrying out testing together with users who have different disabilities.

  • Using accessibility guidelines from Apple, Google and W3C's WCAG as a basis.

  • Collaborating with certified accessibility experts.

Who can get a BankID?

BankID has moore than 8 million users - a large part of Sweden's citizens. For BankID to meet requirements for a reliable eID in the the Swedish eID quality mark, the user must:

• Have a Swedish personal identity number.
• Be a customer in a bank issuing BankID.
• Be able to use BankID without assistance from someone else.

Accessibility support

BankID can be used with technical aids, including:

  • Screen reader

  • Magnification

  • Switch control

  • Voice control

Our mobile apps work in both landscape and portrait mode. It is especially good for those who have their device on a tripod at a keyboard or mounted on a wheelchair or power wheelchair.

BankID also supports various operating system accessibility features, such as dark mode and enlarged text.

BankID with screen reader

BankID works with the visual aid screen reader. We test the service and it is also tested by others who use screen readers in their daily lives. During tests with users, we have noticed that mobile apps are usually perceived as easier to use. In the choice between computer and mobile, we therefore recommend choosing mobile.

Accessibility report

Read our report about accessibility in our applications.

To the report

Questions and comments

If you have questions or comments about BankID and accessibility, send us en email to