BankID is a personal e-ID that is comparable to, for example, passport and driving license. Therefore, always handle your BankID in a safe way.

BankID your personal e-ID

It's important that you never give another person access to your BankID, which is your personal ID document.

Do not use your BankID at anyone else’s request. Authorities, banks, police or companies that offer BankID never contact you by phone, mail or similar to prompt you to sign in or download a new BankID.

Safe Use

  • Always read the text shown in the BankID app: Where do I log in? What am I signing? If in doubt, terminate process.
  • Never give away your codes to anyone else.
  • Never use your BankID at anyone else’s request.
  • Allow notifications from BankID to check if BankID is issued in your name.

If you suspect that you are being exposed to fraud, block your BankID by contacting your bank and make a police report.