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Text on the intention increases security during identification


Now companies and authorities can enter a text that explains the intention of an identification. That way, you can clearly see what you are doing and it is easier to detect something that is not right.


Every time you use BankID to identify yourself, you see on the screen which company you are identifying yourself to. There is now an option for companies and authorities to make identification even clearer by entering a text that explains the intention of the identification.

Optional for companies to enter a text on intention

It is up to the companies and authorities that use BankID in their services to choose whether or not to enter a text on the intention and the situations in which they will do it. They themselves write the text they want to show when you identify yourself to them. We hope that many companies will choose to make use of the option.

Always check before you confirm

It is important to always check that all information is correct before you confirm. If you are unsure, discontinue the identification and make sure everything is in order before you try again.

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