Being able to trust who you do business with is a fundamental part of a business transaction, both in the physical world and on the Internet. In addition, the requirement that you must be sure of the identity of who you do business with, has increased by law. E.g. the third Money Laundering Directive states that “Companies in and outside the financial sector in the future need to have a more developed knowledge of their customers”.

When you use BankID, you take part in the results of the banks’ multi-year collaboration on a common security infrastructure. An issued BankID means that the bank guarantees that the individual’s identity is secured and that thereby the e-identity is issued to the right person.

Constant development

BankID e-ID is constantly being developed to meet both new legal requirements, new business requirements, and changing security needs. BankID meets the banks’ own high standards for Internet banking security. Today, the majority of Swedish banks use BankID as a login and signature in their Internet and mobile banks.

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