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Fast and secure digital identification lays the foundation for a modern and accessible society

A simple idea revolutionises everyday life

The foundation for BankID is simple: a digital identification method that is as secure and reliable as a passport.

More and more of everyday matters are being digitised and new opportunities are being created. Geographical distances disappear, processes become faster and more efficient, opening hours are extended. Accessibility increases.

Ready for your market

Through BankID, you get a ready to use, safe and well tested technical solution that over the years has enabled billions of secure digital identifications to be performed.
You do not need to develop a solution from scratch, but can instead make use of our expertise and experience to quickly launch a version that suits your needs in your own market.

BankID in numbers

Availability, % of time

99,99 %

Business users in Sweden


Usage in 2020

5 billion

How it works

Life is becoming more and more digital and even situations that require identification need to be made digital. It works great with BankID. Imagine:

  • You identify yourself and log in with your bank, pay your bills, review your savings and apply for a loan. The loan is granted and you sign the agreement digitally with your BankID.

  • You have a meeting with your doctor. You identify yourself and have a video call with the doctor so you do not have to go to the clinic. You will receive a prescription and can pick up your medicine at your local chemists.

  • You're late for a meeting and it's raining. You identify with BankID in the bus company app and buy a ticket. You arrive on time and you're dry.

Talk with us

Are you curious to know how BankID could work in your market? Talk with us to find out how we can work together to find the right set-up for you.

Jonas Brännvall, Head of International Business Expansion

Paving the way for innovation

Once you know who your customers are, you will increase security, both for your business and for customers. You know a little bit about each other and play with open cards. When the identity and integrity of the individual are secured, barriers disappear. Here are some examples of digital opportunities that are conducted safely and securely thanks to BankID:

  • Doctor's appointments and prescriptions for medicines
  • Loan applications and signing the application
  • Unmanned stores
  • Online purchases
  • Tax return
  • Online advisory meetings with, for example, banks

Even today, the list of applications is already long. Perhaps your ideas and your business development will help make the list a bit longer.

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