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Cervera is building customer relationships using BankID

Since last year, the vast majority of members of Cervera's customer club have been logging in using BankID – which has simplified the digital customer journey.

As the e-commerce and customer services manager at Cervera, Nic Staeger’s job is customer-facing and data driven and it's obvious that e-commerce and customer services are linked:

– If you're using e-commerce, it's incredibly important that you work closely with customer services. In my view, these two areas encapsulate the entire customer journey; from everything you can see from the data on the site to customer services logging everything they do. Getting customers to adapt is about understanding the digital customer journey and meeting the customers on their own terms.

Cervera works on a regular basis to ensure that head office staff work in customer support and sometimes also in stores in order to be close to their customers and understand the business.

"The customer experience with BankID is 80 percent about simplicity and 20 percent security"

Reduced pressure on customer services and simple for the customer

Cervera focusses on an omni-channel work ethic, i.e. they connect their e-commerce with Cervera's physical stores and the stores also act as the e-commerce warehouse of the retail chain. As the customer, you can shop in store or order online and you can pick up your package at a store or from an agent. You can also order an item in store that you have found online.

By enabling all customers who wish to become members to log in using their e-ID, BankID has become part of the e-commerce solution for Cervera's customer club. This also means that the number of customer service queries relating to logging in has been greatly reduced.

– In the past, when a customer became a member in store, we asked for their personal identification number and usually their home address. But we had few email addresses. So when our customer magazine went from physical magazine to digital, many customers were unable to log in because this required an email address. That is why we needed a different solution, says Nic Staeger.

The technical project manager then proposed implementing BankID, which took only three days to complete.

Expanded online sales and increased satisfaction

In just 18 months, Cervera's online sales increased significantly, from 92 million to 500 million. The reasons behind this are the improved customer experience and increased customer awareness.

– After we implemented BankID, the number of purchases logged in rose from 40 percent to 70 percent in an incredibly short time. Today we have 1.7 million club members and this increases our understanding of the customer's journey and gives customer services the space to help customers with more than just login issues. Plus, this solution saved us a lot of money, says Nic Staeger.

The BankID login to Cervera’s members club allows the customer to easily see the status of their current purchases, to view a history of all their previous purchases and to manage consent, for example, to receive marketing on social media.

– I would say that the customer experience with BankID is 80 percent about simplicity and 20 percent security, says NIC Staeger.

Nic Staeger believes that it is important to be data-driven and to understand the world in which customers live, the world of price comparison sites and search engines.

– In the past, we were able to determine what the customer would buy from us. Now it's more about knowing what's going on outside our own world and knowing what customers want, preferably before they know about it themselves. And of course, it's also really important to deliver on time too.

Client Case: Lifvs

Lifvs operate a chain of small grocery stores in places where the need is most acute. The stores are open 24 hours a day and unstaffed. Digitisation makes it possible and customers identify themselves and unlock the store using BankID.

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