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Apple demo instructions

Follow this step-for-step guide when creating a test BankID for an Apple device.

Apple demo instructions
  1. Open Settings -> BankID -> Developer and add the server address:

  2. Using a computer, open the URL

  3. Below "Logga in med personlig kod" (Log in with code) on the lower left part of the page, enter the code yU84mLT and press "Logga in" (Log in)

  4. Below "Hämta BankID för test" (Enroll BankID for test) to the left, press "Hämta" (Enroll)

  5. To prepare for the next step, disable "Block pop-up windows" in your browser. In Safari 8 you can do this in Safari -> Preferences... -> Security by unchecking "Block pop-up windows"

  6. Below "Hämta mobilt BankID" (Enroll mobile BankID) to the left, press "Hämta" (Enroll). Note: This will open a new browser window

  7. Start the BankID app in the iOS device

  8. Tap the New BankID button in the app

  9. Enter the ID number 198501172012 and the activation code presented on your computer. This is the eight digit number presented after the text "Din aktiveringskod är:" (Your activation code is:). The code is entered in a single sequence; the spaces are for readability only.

  10. On the next page, enter and confirm PIN (security code). The security code cannot consist of identical digits (e.g. 111111) or sequential digits (e.g. 123456)

  11. The web page will confirm successful enrolment. Press "Stäng" (Close) to close the window

  12. Tap OK in the app.

  13. Press "Logga ut" (Log out) at the top of the web page on your computer.

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